Restore Your Shore Map - Areas Planted


Look who is planting their shoreline with trees, shrubs and plants to prevent erosion and runoff AND to enhance their property!   You can too!

Thank you to all the property owners who believe in planting their shoreline or stream bank and are taking part in the Restore Your Shore program!

Click on the bubbles on the map above to meet the urban and rural property owners, cottagers and farmers who are restoring their shore.

(Green bubble - 2016 / Red bubbles - 2015)


2016 Planting Successes!  

Up until September 14, 2016

Total Trees: 469
Total Shrubs: 3,247
Total Perennials: 2,377
Total Shorelines & Stream banks Planted (in meters): 1,291
Total Area Planted (in square meters): 5,309

2015 Planting Successes! 

Total Trees: 508
Total Shrubs: 2,696
Total Perennials: 2,594
Total Shorelines & Steam banks Planted (in meters): 1,856
Total Area Planted (in square meters): 10,346