Sample Planting Plans

Whether you live on a lakeshore, have a cottage or home along a river, or have a stream or creek run through your farm, take a look at these sample planting plans and plant lists that have been developed for the Restore Your Shore participants! Planting plans have been developed for all types of properties and soil conditions in NBMCA's jurisdication as part of the Restore Your Shore program.

The Cottage Shoreline Planting Plan below is one of three sample plans you can look at to get ideas for your property. There is a sample planting plan for a rural stream bank and lakefront shorelines as well. If you would like to learn more about how you can have your shoreline assessed for a free planting plan and plantings in 2018, please contact the Restore Your Shore team! 705-474-5420.

Best management practices for shoreline restoration suggest a 15 meter deep buffer strip, with an open access to the water. The Restore Your Shore program encourages 15 meter buffer strips, however the program is voluntary and we recognize every little bit of shoreline and streambank vegetation can help.  Even the creation of a "no mow zone" along the shoreline, where lawn lovers commit to allowing grass to grow to help slow down runoff is better that having a lawn that grows right to the shore!

Most of the municipalities in NBMCA's jursidication have by-laws which establish minimum vegetation buffers for redevelopment or new development on waterfront properties. If you are planning to develop or redevelop your shoreline property, check with your local municipality for vegetative buffer requirements. You may also need a permit from the North Bay-Mattawa Conservation Authority - ask for a pre-consultation appointment from the DIA staff.


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